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Introducing luxury hair to New Zealand


We are excited to be first salon in New Zealand to stock The Lauren Ashtyn Collection hair extensions and toppers from Extenshine.

With The Lauren Ashtyn Collection you can finally have that fuller and longer hair you’ve always dreamed of… INSTANTLY!


Our clip-in extensions provide length and volume in a SNAP.


No damage. Super easy to use, style, colour and, the best part, no one will ever know!

Hey there gorgeous (20)

Human. Unlike most other hair extension companies, we only use human hair for our extensions. We feel as licensed professionals in the industry that only High quality human hair is the best option for all customers in our chairs. unlike other companies that use synthetic hair.


Remy. Not only do we use human hair, but we use 100% Remy human hair – the highest quality hair rating there is.


Hair Toppers. Our hair toppers can fill in the gaps in your hair. If you are suffering from thinning hair, our toppers will help you reclaim your old look.

Hair Replacement. Thousands of women with severe hair loss turn to us for hair replacement. They often tell us that our hair extensions have given them their confidence and look back. For us beautiful women our Hair is everything!


Luxury. Luxury is what we do. All of our materials, from our hair extensions to our hair care products, are made using the finest materials available.


Customisable. Our hair extensions are fully customisable with regard to colour, cut, and style. This is one aspect that sets us apart from so many other hair extension companies. our extension is designed to be versatile for any hairstyle you  look to achieve.


Crown. Our crown extensions feature a uniquely engineered mesh base.


European. All of our hair extensions are made from high-quality European hair.


Clip In. Our clip in extensions could not be easier to apply and remove. Women appreciate the fact that they can have our extensions in place in just seconds.


Hand Knotted. Each strand of our hair extensions is knotted by hand. This is a process that can take up to 45 days, but this is a small price to pay for top-quality hair extensions. WE have thousands of units in stock and ready to ship to you right away!


Best. Our commitment to using the best materials and not rushing the process guarantees that when you buy from us, you are buying the best hair extensions you can purchase.


Damage Free. Unlike hair extensions from other companies, our clip in hair extensions do not damage your hair. We are licensed hair extension specialist that design our Hair topper with everyone’s need in mind. Light weight detailed tension clip designed to protect the integrity of your Bio Hair and our breathable base protects your bio hair from extensive styling harsh products and protects the scalps natural oils.


Hand Made. We make all of our hair extensions by hand, in order to offer you the finest product.


Quality. Our high quality hair extensions simply cannot be beat. Using the highest grade of Human European Remy Hair, and the most skilled hand tied techniques in the Hair Extension industry.

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is the visible expression of Lauren Ashtyn’s lifetime passion for beautiful hair.


The daughter of a stylist, she has spent her entire life immersed in the culture of the modern salon. Her goal has always been to make her clients look, and feel, like the very best versions of themselves.


The hairpieces are a snap for clients to wear! Perfect colour, volume and style are available in seconds – not hours, and the unique 4-clip system keeps the hairpiece snug and secure without damaging the client’s own hair.


At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, they make it their goal to give each and every one of our clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of…INSTANTLY!


Find your Hair Topper and Hair extension

Thinning hair? Our human hair toppers  and halo hair extensions give you fuller hair in a snap! click below and follow our Easy Quick 3 step Hair test to find your perfect match!

1. Choose Your Perfect Match:


100% Human European Remy hair, highest quality available on the market! Each strand of hair is triple knotted by hand to a uniquely engineered micro-mesh base. Best of all, due to our high quality hair extension design if cared for properly, they can last up to THREE years.


The only question to ask yourself is do you want full volume Hair Topper, light volume Hair topper, or our Luxury length halo hair extension?

Even better do as Lauren Ashtyn does Pair the hair topper with the halo hair extension design for the celebrity hair look they all keep top secret.

Full Volume

12-18” Full Volume Extension
5-6″ Full Volume Extension

Light Volume Root Coverage

12-16” Root Coverage
5-6″ Root Coverage


10-12” Luxury Length Extension
16-18” Luxury Length Extension

2. Pick your colour:



Victoria Balayage


Summer Balayage










Mila Balayage




Giselle Balayage




Elsie Balayage



Ella Balayage_1024x1024@2x

Ella Balayage






Audrey Balayage

Amber Balayage



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